8 Tips to Perfect Color Flow



8 Ways to Add a Load of Color to your Laundry Room

Choose color with confidence

Dining and living rooms before and after. We chose Miller Paint color Popular E0140 for the main living and dining rooms. To add drama we chose Mantra E0148 for the tray ceiling in the dining room and the fireplace in the living room.

Even the half-bath got a face lift using the same two colors.


My client wanted to “de-granny” the kitchen, to make it light and bright. We chose Casper White E0157 for the cabinets and Place of Dust E0539 for the walls. We were playing off the existing grey tones of the floor and countertops.

So this is what a little color can do! Changing colors can completely change the feeling of your home. Contact me for a consultation and love your home again!

Home Colors of Bend – Part One

Northwest Crossings – Craftsman Style Home


As we look forward to the coming Spring months in Central Oregon, home owners will start thinking about painting the exterior of their homes. Instead of choosing a “safe” neutral color, think about BLUE. Yes, I said blue! Keep it on the dull side, not bright or too intense, and it will sit happily next to grays, neutrals or greens that are more traditional color choices. Be bold and go blue!


Pacific Northwest Craftsman Style – looking beautiful in blue!


Little Charcoal Dresser

Hey fans, I know you’re out there, just waiting for me to post the finished Little Charcoal Dresser. Here she is in all her glory! I say that loosely because she didn’t turn out exactly as I had planned, but then, what does in this life? I was trying for a smooth, modern look, but ended up with a little more broken-in, vintage look. I’m OK with that because I think she’s charming and I hope you do to!

Finally FINISHED!!!
Finally FINISHED!!!
Arrow design drawer paper
Arrow design drawer paper

Little Charcoal Dresser…progress

Charcoal dresser making progress!
Little Charcoal Dresser

I’m slowly making progress on the little charcoal dresser. Still have to work on the drawers and top, but I’m getting close!

Little Charcoal Dresser

Back and sides have 2 coats of Mudpaint but the front still needs sanding and one more coat. Then it’s time for the topcoat to seal everything in.

After much searching I found this beautiful “painted arrows” paper to line the drawers at a local gift shop here in Bend.

Grey painted arrows
Grey painted arrows

One more “before” photo to share with you . . . this is what the drawers look like now . . . but not for long!

Drawers before . . . original stain "drips" add character and won't be painted over!
Drawers before . . . original stain “drips” add character and won’t be painted over!

STAY TUNED . . . tomorrow is BAKING DAY!!! I’m really excited to use a locally made product and add my baking to it to create something refreshing and delicious!